Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a significant public health concern, and having a healthcare workforce that is adequately trained to identify risk and effectively intervene is imperative. Our team has specific expertise in the prevention of suicide, and has provided trainings across the nation and internationally. Groups we have trained include college students, primary care providers, family medicine residents, first responders, behavioral health providers, and community members.  See recent publication by our team below, and contact us for information about scheduling a training:

Ross S, DeHay T, and Deiling M. (2020) The Suicide Prevention for College Students Gatekeepers Program: A Pilot Study. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. 

DeHay T, Ross S, and McFaul, M. (2015) Training medical providers in evidence-based approaches to suicide prevention. International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine; 50(1); 73-80.

Behavioral Health 101

Behavioral health is a complex and nuanced area of study. Clover’s team includes doctoral-level psychologists with experience in providing training to healthcare providers from a variety of disciplines, as well as professionals in related fields such as public safety, education, and corrections. Our team has the capacity to provide training on behavioral health topics to help support the identification, referral, and treatment of behavioral health concerns. If your agency/practice/team could benefit from having a better understanding of behavioral health issues and how to best support the individuals you serve, please contact us to learn more about opportunities for training.

Postdoctoral Opportunities within Clover

Clover offers postdoctoral training for psychologists interested in consultancy, policy, and workforce development/improvement. See the About Our Team page for more information.

Our team members frequently serve as guest lecturers on behavioral health topics for various types of training programs. We provide didactic trainings for psychology internship programs, workshops for graduate programs in psychology and other healthcare-related disciplines, seminars for medical residencies, and more. Our core team and our network of consultants have expertise on a wide variety of topics. Please contact us for information about how to fill a specific educational need within your training program.