Psychology Training Program Development and Accreditation

Clover provides expert consultancy and technical assistance to psychology masters, doctoral, internship, and postdoctoral training programs. Our staff has extensive experience in all aspects of program development, operations, funding, governance, and accreditation. We are able to provide support to programs at any point in their development- anything from developing a program from the ground up and walking them through the accreditation process, to simply providing consultation around self-study development and site visit preparation.

Clover’s staff has supported over several hundred psychology training programs in their development and/or accreditation processes. This includes doctoral, internship, and postdoctoral programs. We are a trusted consultant by the American Psychological Association, and have been frequently recommended by APA to support grantees of their Grants for Internship Programs.

Clover has closely followed APA’s recent development of an accreditation process for masters-level training programs, and is available to support programs who wish to seek this accreditation.

Comprehensive Data Support for Psychology Training Programs

Clover provides data support and consultation to psychology training programs via Clover’s Data Support Subscription Service. This service includes supporting the program in collecting and maintaining all required proximal and distal training data and in preparing data for reporting purposes (e.g., Annual Reporting Online, accreditation self-study tables) as needed.

Feasibility Assessments

Clover specializes in conducting comprehensive feasibility assessments for organizations that are considering the development and implementation of APA-accredited doctoral, internship, or post-doctoral psychology training programs. Clover’s team of expert consultants utilize a wide range of data sources to assess key factors, such as geographic trends, needs, and gaps. This information is incorporated into customized reports that highlight critical data findings, costs, and resource requirements for program development. All reports are carefully tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs, to include a customized timeline for program development, implementation, and accreditation. Clover’s feasibility assessments ensure organizations are well equipped to make data-informed decisions about future psychology training programs.

Support for Allied Training Programs

Clover provides consultancy and technical assistance to masters and doctoral programs training students in behavioral health fields within regionally accredited institutions of higher education. Clover supports counseling programs seeking CACREP accreditation, and school psychology programs seeking NASP accreditation. Our staff has experience in supporting throughout the accreditation process, from initial program development, to self-study development, to site visit preparation and responding to the accrediting body.  Clover staff is available to provide consultation around all aspects of this process.

And so much more...

Clover utilizes a core team of consultants in combination with a network of content experts across a number of healthcare-related disciplines. Using this model, we have the capacity to provide consultation and technical assistance related to a wide variety of behavioral health workforce development topics.

To date, Clover has conducted workforce projects in 41 states, as well as in Puerto Rico