Clover provides expert evaluation services on programs and projects of all scopes and sizes, and offers grant writing services to support other organizations in obtaining grant funding.

Evaluation of Grant-Funded Projects

Clover serves as an external, independent evaluator on federal, state, and foundation grants. We have experience evaluating large, multiyear, multisector grant projects focused on such topics as behavioral health workforce development, rural health service delivery, integrated and collaborative care, behavioral health training, and more. Our services include all aspects of the evaluation process including designing the evaluation plan, creating and/or selecting appropriate measurement tools, collecting data from all relevant sources, designing, maintaining, and analyzing complex datasets, and preparing reports for the funder and/or other stakeholders. Our approach to evaluation is intended to serve the grantee and the funder as well as benfiting the broader community within which the grantee operates.

Program Evaluation

Clover provides program evaluation services based upon the CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation. We are able to contract with organizations to examine the effectiveness of a program, to answer specific evaluation questions, to contribute to program improvement and accountability, and to examine and enhance the benefits to the community in which the organization operates. Our services include engaging stakeholders, creating logic models and other descriptive and contextualizing documents, designing the evaluation plan, collecting and analyzing data, and ensuring use of the evaluation through the preparation and dissemination of reports, whitepapers, inforgraphics, and/or other tailored communication strategies to meet the particular needs of the organization as well as the broader community.

Feasibility Assessments

Clover specializes in conducting comprehensive feasibility assessments for organizations that are considering the development and implementation of APA-accredited doctoral, internship, or post-doctoral psychology training programs. Clover’s team of expert consultants utilize a wide range of data sources to assess key factors, such as geographic trends, needs, and gaps. This information is incorporated into customized reports that highlight critical data findings, costs, and resource requirements for program development. All reports are carefully tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs, to include a customized timeline for program development, implementation, and accreditation. Clover’s feasibility assessments ensure organizations are well equipped to make data-informed decisions about future psychology training programs.

Comprehensive Data Support Services

Clover provides data support and consultation to psychology training programs via Clover’s Data Support Subscription Service. This service includes supporting the program in collecting and maintaining all required proximal and distal training data and in preparing data for reporting purposes (e.g., Annual Reporting Online, accreditation self-study tables) as needed.

Grant Writing

Clover’s staff includes experienced grant writers. We provide grant writing services in order to support organizations in obtaining grant funding to conduct projects that are aligned with Clover’s mission. Clover provides grant writing services free of charge for programs who wish to include Clover’s consultation and/or evaluation services in the proposed grant budget. Our grant writers have a high rate of success in writing federal, state, and foundation grant proposals which ultimately are awarded funding. Please note that this service is available on a limited, case by case, basis.