Our Rates

Clover charges a simple, flat rate within a range of $150-175 per hour, depending on the specific project needs. This includes funding for our consultants’ time, plus all indirect charges. If travel is necessary to complete a project, those costs are estimated separately. We are a non-profit agency, and thus our rate has been carefully established by our Board in order to cover our costs for providing services that are core to our mission.


Clover works actively with the agencies it serves to seek funding for our work. Our goal is always to minimize or eliminate the out of pocket costs to the agency. We continually seek grant funding to support our work, sometimes applying on behalf of the agencies we serve and sometimes being written into an agency’s grant budget as a subcontractor. Our team includes experienced grant-writers who provide their services in order to reduce the burden on our partners of seeking this funding. Currently, roughly half of our work is funded by direct grants to Clover, just over 30% is funded through subcontracts on grants awarded to others, and 20% is funded directly by the agencies we serve.

Grant Funded 48%
Subaward 32%
Agency Funds 20%