Clover’s team includes experienced researchers with a passion for informing policy. Clover conducts research and evaluation with a focus on meaningful data and meaningful use. Our areas of interest include topics that impact and/or are impacted by the behavioral health of the community. These topics include such areas as gun legislation, reimbursement for behavioral health services, workforce development, competency-based training, and clinical topics such as obesity and suicide prevention.


We believe that effective advocacy is at the center of informed policy-making. Clover’s vision is to conduct advocacy efforts at the local, state, and national level in order to promote the dissemination and meaningful use of data related to the advancement of behavioral health.


Few programs offer psychologists an opportunity to receive training and education related to policy. Clover offers a postdoctoral training opportunity for psychologists with a focus on mental health policy research. Postdoctoral fellows will complete a large-scale, policy-focused project related to an area of Clover’s strategic plan, in addition to a minor project on a mental health policy topic of their choosing. Fellows will receive regular supervision, mentorship, and didactic training related to their projects and to policy topics in general. Please contact us for more information about this position.