Program Evaluation in Behavioral and Public Health

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Presented by Dr. Juliana Rosa

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The webinar will provide participants with an overview of program evaluation and a step-by-step description of an evaluation framework commonly used in behavioral and public health. More specifically, topics covered during this webinar will include the purpose of evaluation, different types of evaluations, differences between evaluation and traditional research, steps in the evaluation process, and standards for program evaluation. The information and tools shared during this webinar will assist participants with implementing current best practices in program evaluation.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of evaluating programs.
  • Describe the six steps of CDC's framework for program evaluation and their application to behavioral and public health program evaluation.
  • Explain each program evaluation standard.


Presented by Dr. Juliana Rosa

Dr. Juliana Rosa is an evaluator at Clover Educational Consulting Group and the current president of the Colorado Evaluation Network. Dr. Rosa has over 12 years of experience in applied research and program evaluation in the areas of health and social psychology, behavioral health, prevention, harm reduction, K-12 education, family enrichment, as well as workforce development. She also has over 7 years of experience in state and federal grant-making and evaluation. During her career, Dr. Rosa has partnered with several independent evaluation organizations, nonprofits, local education agencies, universities, and government agencies in building evaluation systems, increasing evaluation capacity, improving data accessibility, and utilizing data results to influence positive programmatic, organizational, and policy change.

Director of Research and Evaluation