Accreditation Success: A Blueprint for Collecting & Managing Training Data

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Presented by Kimberly Fairbank, MSW & Dr. Christine Love Sterk

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This session will provide an overview of the various types of data APA accredited programs and those seeking accreditation need to collect and report in annual program updates and as part of the self-study. We will share valuable tips to streamline data collection to enhance efficiency and time utilization and delve into optimal practices for effective data utilization and maintenance. Moreover, we'll delve into strategies for managing evaluation anxiety, equipping programs with tools to confidently approach the accreditation process. Attendees will leave this session with a data collection tool kit and a clear understanding of the essential data requirements for APA accreditation.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will be able to:

  • Explain the various types of data required for APA accreditation.
  • Develop a data collection plan for their program to streamline the process.
  • Acquire practical strategies and techniques to effectively manage and alleviate evaluation anxiety.

Presented by Kimberly Fairbank, MSW & Dr. Christine Love Sterk

Kimberly Fairbank, MSW is a Senior Researcher and Evaluation Consultant with Clover Educational Consulting Group. She has over 9 years of evaluation and behavioral health experience in community mental health, research, and K-12 education. Kimberly is passionate about “helping the helpers” and uses her research, data analysis, and evaluation expertise to improve behavioral health programming and develop creative solutions for nonprofits to instill evaluation practices within their organizational culture.

Senior Evaluation Consultant

Christine Love Sterk, Ph.D. is a senior staff consultant with Clover Educational Consulting Group. Prior to joining Clover in 2021, Chrissie was the Training Director at the Wake Forest University Counseling Center, developing a brand new psychology internship program there and earning APA accreditation in record time. With Clover, she helps new and established programs with the extensive self-study process, including collecting and organizing training data.

Senior Staff Consultant