Extravaganza: Joe Gayk- Clearing the Data Hurdle



This session will focus on providing information and guidance about a series of critical
processes and documents for doctoral internships that are seeking APA accreditation or
are already APA-accredited. Specifically, the session will focus on the connection
between internship evaluation forms, the APA’s profession-wide competencies, and
required proximal outcome data. The session will seek to assist programs in the
alignment of their internship evaluation forms with the profession-wide competencies in a
manner that reflects training provided by/at the program along with the competencies
that must also be demonstrated in the APA accreditation self-study.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1. Explain how internship evaluation forms should align with profession-wide competencies
2. Assess the extent to which an evaluation form does or does not allow a program the
ability to collect necessary proximal data
3. Discuss and apply expectations for internship proximal data
4. Compile information from evaluation forms that will satisfy data requirements